Membership Plans

0-21 years

$45/month (with parent membership), $65/month without an adult*

22-65 years


65 + years


*Special permission can be granted to have a child join without an adult for $65/month if desired

Employers with 5+ employees with work injury care included

$85/employee (options for family coverage as well)

Employers with 5+ employees with a separate work comp policy

$65/employee/month (options for family coverage as well)

As A Member of AmarilloMD, Here are a Few of the Benefits You’ll Enjoy:

  • Personalized care tailored to your comfort level.
  • A physician who knows your story inside and out.
  • The choice to be seen at our office or your home.
  • Same-day scheduling with zero to little wait time with extended visits up to an hour if you’d like.
  • Quality time with your doctor; ask all the questions you want – we actually want you to!
  • Your doctor’s cell phone number. That’s what we call around-the-clock service.
  • Inexpensive and direct service. We work directly with you instead of hassling over insurance.

Once you become a member of AmarilloMD, PLLC, it’s as close to having a doctor in the family that you can get without having to wash scrubs!

Enrollment Fees

A one-time charge of $75 for an individual and $150 for a couple or family will be assessed to cover the costs of administration involved in bringing on new patients to our practice.

There is an additional charge of $25 for calls/texts made after hours (7pm-7am) and on Sundays. A Sunday visit is $100. There are also small charges for procedures such as stitches or mole removal to cover the cost of supplies (usually around $25).

Join our family today by enrolling in our DPC doctor’s office!