Career Opportunities for Medical Doctors

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At AmarilloMD, we are championing doctors who want to get into medicine and a practice that they will love. We are changing the face of medicine as a DPC practice, and we are looking to expand our team with likeminded staff and medical doctors. Our practice focuses on building patient-doctor relationships and getting to know the people we treat like family. We aren’t caught up in paperwork, and we don’t deal with insurance companies. We are here for our patients and no one else.

We Care for Our Patients

If you are a family medical doctor near Amarillo who cares about your patients and wants a better relationship with them, consider joining our team. We spend time with our patients and work to build a connection so they can trust us to provide excellent care for years to come.

We focus on giving our patients the help they need when and how they need it. Whether a patient needs to text you with a concerning question or they need an in-home evaluation for comfort, we are there for them.

If you’re ready to help change the way people get care on a daily basis, we are the place for you. Together, we’ll provide patients with the care they want when and how they need it. Together, we’ll build a better tomorrow for medicine.

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