DPC Healthcare FAQs Answered by AmarilloMD

We have special rates for employers offering direct primary care (DPC) memberships to their employees. Our employer rates are built to be affordable and provide the same care and attention that we give to our private patients.

As a family medicine practice, we can treat and manage a variety of illnesses in patients of all ages. We provide medicine in multiple disciplines that range from pediatric to geriatric care. That being said, we cannot treat everything, and a patient needs specialty attention, we will help vet and coordinate treatment for the patient with a specialist or hospital when needed. Our care does not stop at the door, we can assist and work closely with specialists when needed.

DPC healthcare memberships dos not count as insurance. We highly recommend that patients acquire a low-cost insurance plan and a health savings account to pair with a DPC healthcare membership for rare but severe accidents. We’re happy to refer you to insurance representatives who can help customize an insurance plan to fit your specific needs.

Yes, our physicians can visit your office when needed. If one of your employees needs an office visit or cannot make it to our clinic, we are happy to visit them at the company building. We can also coordinate office wide treatments or wellness checks once per year.

On average, employers see a savings of up to 40 percent when choosing to offer direct primary care memberships compared to traditional health insurance. We pride ourselves in being an affordable healthcare option for employers wanting to offer their employees healthcare benefits.

We serve the greater Amarillo area and have patients come in from as far as New Mexico. Our patients have expressed appreciation for the healthcare services we provide and continue to come back even when they move away. We are happy to accept new patients from Amarillo and its surrounding areas.