About AmarilloMD -
Your Local Doctor’s Office

AmarilloMD is proud to be the first direct primary care doctor’s office in Amarillo, Texas. We offers cost-effective healthcare services to our residents. With a goal to change the face of family medicine with the rest of the DPC community, we focus on giving you quality care at an affordable price. When you join the AmarilloMD family, you get ongoing support for your health to live a better everyday life.

The Patient-Doctor Relationship You’ve Been Looking For

If you miss the good old days where your doctor did house calls and treated you as more than just another name to check off the list, you’ll be thrilled to join AmarilloMD. We view the patient-physician relationship as a team of equals with a single focus to help you reach your health care goals. With direct contact to your physician at any time, we stay connected to you and ensure you are always on the right path for your health.

At AmarilloMD, we have noble ambitions that revolve around giving you the most individualized care imaginable. We diligently work to change the face of family medicine, so our practice uniquely focuses on you and your healthcare needs.

We see fewer patients in the name of high-end medical care because we believe the best medical treatment comes from one-on-one interaction. With fewer patients and the elimination of the middleman, we’re inviting you into our family and will treat you like a member of the family too.