AmarilloMD is the DPC Clinic for Businesses and Employers

Offering your employees direct primary care services with AmarilloMD can be a game changer for your company. As an affordable healthcare option, direct primary care (DPC) works for you and your employees. You are able to provide them with a healthcare plan that is not a strain on your company. In return, you get healthy, hard-working employees who can appreciate the personal care they receive from their physician at a clinic close to where they live and work.

Save Money with DPC Memberships

Offering insurance coverage to all your employees is a huge expense to your company, but direct primary care is often as much as 40 percent lower in cost than traditional insurance. Partnering your company with AmarilloMD can lower your cost per employee while protecting an essential healthcare benefit that they rely on. At AmarilloMD, we’ve seen many employers save exponential costs by offering DPC memberships to their employees.

Whether employers cover the cost of the entire membership, give an allowance for a DPC membership, or provide hybrid plans with a DPC membership and a low-cost insurance policy, employers can save money by partnering with AmarilloMD.

Keep Employees Healthy and At Work

With a direct primary care membership, employees can stay healthy and avoid illnesses more often. As AmarilloMD provides routine care, regular checkups, and preventative care, we keep your employees’ health up to par, so they can make it to work more often.

Give Your Employees Benefits that Matter

Employees are worried about their health and future on a daily basis. They want to know that they can get the healthcare they need when they need it. At AmarilloMD, your employees can get the exact healthcare they require and contact their physician any time with concerns through text, call, or email. As a family medicine clinic in Amarillo, Texas, we also provide an array of specialty and routine services from pediatric care to geriatric care. We can provide your employees with the healthcare they need promptly and securely.

Attract Valuable New Employees

Partnering with AmarilloMD for direct primary care benefits will be a great tool in your hiring process. Potential employees weigh healthcare benefits heavily, so having direct primary care membership benefits will further entice them toward choosing your company as their future employer. With everyday healthcare that is convenient and affordable, potential employees can’t help but to choose you.